Because life is too short to stay in

Who We Are

UpToParty is a group of New York-based 20-somethings who love a good night out in the City. We all unite around our belief that NYC is one of the greatest cities on Earth, especially when it comes to partying.

We also feel strongly that there are a lot of “Party Traps” in the City (Times Square bars, glitzy clubs, $25 cocktails - the list goes on) and we don't think anyone should fall victim to these Party Traps!

As such, we've made it our mission to show travelers, city newbies and anyone else who wants to join us what it's really like to stay UpToParty in NYC!

What We Do

Simply put, we party! No but seriously, our goal is to take you out and show you the best of the city's partying options that you would never otherwise experience.

We do not go to clubs or generic Irish Pubs in Midtown (aka The Land of the Lost Tourist) - none of that! We take you to the places New Yorkers go: dive bars, beer halls, underground lounges and other places where you can hang out and get a feel for what nightlife in NYC is actually like.

With UpToParty you'll also have the chance to meet new people, as each party is led by at least 2 local UpToPartiers and has an additional 5-10 guests.